Federico Peyrani

Hello, my name

is Federico

A front-end engineer based in Milan, with a thriving passion for building curated experiences and beautiful UIs


Ciao! I'm a 25-year-old Italian frontend engineer with a knack for creating captivating digital experiences. Armed with ReactJS, NextJS, TypeScript, and Sass, I craft beautiful user interfaces that come to life.
Figma is my playground when it comes to translating imaginative designs into reality. I've dabbled in Android development, wielding Kotlin like a pro to create an awesome app for Android TV. But hey, I'm not just a frontend aficionado! While it is my forte, I'm always up for a challenge beyond the borders of the browser. From Dockerfiles to CI/CD tools and serverless functions, I love exploring the diverse landscape of computer science and engineering (I've even dabbled with embedded devices for IoT! Because apparently, my curiosity doesn't stop at just making web apps look cool—I like to tinker with the tiny too). Oh, and did I mention my casual forays into the world of digital design? It's a passion that fuels my creativity.


Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering
Politecnico di Milano
Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering
Politecnico di Milano
Front-end Developer Internship
Junior Front-end Developer
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